Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travels east

I recently took a trip south and east and I really enjoyed it.  There is so much to see in this country and sometimes one has to break out of ones routine and go do something different.  The scenery was better the farther we got from home.  I enjoyed the mountains, the green, and the trees of the east. Plants were allowed to grow right up to the edge of the road.  I liked how there were less road signs and less billboards.  Ironically, people seemed to obey the law just fine and they made good choices despite not having a posting every fifty feet telling them what to do.  There was less litter on the side of the roads perhaps because there was fewer advertisements urging people to buy useless consumer goods.  But also perhaps because inmates were put to work picking up people's junk.  The convenience stores we stopped at were not as clean or of the same quality that I am used to however.  Often times when we pulled over to gas up we would comment to each other that the place should be completed razed and rebuilt, not remodeled, rebuilt.  So that is one area Wisconsin is better at.  Not a big deal, but when you are traveling, it is.  The south east seemed quiet.  People stayed to themselves for the most part.  It was hot but it was the south and the south is suppose to be hot.  They have air conditioning today and I think most people pretty much stayed in doors to stay out of the heat.  I am fine with that but for me I enjoy the heat.  I can move around in it and sweating actually feels good as it cleanses my system.  Personally, I would like to move out of the cold, dark region of Wisconsin to a place with less snow and less winter, where there is beautiful scenery and well kept roads, a place like where I recently visited.

What is your impression of the south east?

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